Pan co’ santi


For centuries in the Sienese gastronomic tradition, pan co ‘santi was born as a real dish, made with common and easily available products.

The soft dough, the strong flavor and the soft but at the same time crunchy texture thanks to the presence of walnuts, make it a perfect dessert to combine with Vinsanto.

250g – 500g

raisins (grapes, vegetable oil (cotton)), bread dough (type 0 soft wheat flour, water, brewer’s yeast, salt), nuts, water, type 00 soft wheat flour, emulsified lard, brewer’s yeast, semi-finished product (type 00 soft wheat flour, vegetable fats, skim milk powder, emulsifiers E471, E472e, natural flavors, vanillin), sugar, salt, pepper, egg.

cereals containing gluten; eggs and egg products; milk and milk products (including lactose); nuts


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