Ciambellone with sugar grains


The “ciambellone” is a soft and tasty dessert, excellent to be consumed at breakfast or as a snack, perhaps soaked in coffee with milk.

It is a simple dessert with a strong flavor and a soft texture.

It is garnished with sugar grains.


semi-finished product for whipped pasta (sugar, type “0” soft wheat flour, wheat starch, starch, emulsifiers E472b, E477, soy lecithin, raising agents (E450i, E500ii), flavorings, soy flour), egg, margarine, oils and fats (vegetable, corn, palm, coconut in variable portion), butter (milk), water, emulsifiers: E471, lecithins, salt (0.1%), flavorings, acidifier: citric acid; preservative: E202; dye: carotenes.
Fat content: 80% granulated sugar

cereals containing gluten; nuts; eggs and egg products; milk and milk products; soy and soy products; sesame seeds and sesame seed products

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